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Dr. Abraham Luna Castellanos

Head of Astrophysics Postgraduate Program at INAOE






  • PhD, Astrophysics, "Molecular Gas Kinematics and High-Mass Star Formation in the spiral Arms in Quadrant IV  of the Milky Way", Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica,  Mexico, 2003.


research interests

  • Star Formation

  • Galactic structure

  • Radio astronomy


recent publications


Dewangan, L. K., Baug, T., Ojha, D. K., Janardhan, P., Ninan, J. P., Luna, A., Zinchenko, I., "Star-formation Activity in the Neighborhood of W–R 1503-160L Star in the Mid-infrared Bubble N46", ApJ 826, 27-, 7/2016.


Dewangan, L. K., Ojha, D. K., Luna, A., Anandarao, B. G., Ninan, J. P., Mallick, K. K., Mayya, Y. D., "A Multi-wavelength Study of Star Formation Activity in the S235 Complex", ApJ 819, 66-, 3/2016.


Dewangan, L. K., Luna, A., Ojha, D. K., Anandarao, B. G., Mallick, K. K.,  Mayya, Y. D., "The Physical Environment of the Massive Star-forming Region W42", ApJ 811, 79-, 10/2015.


Dewangan, L. K., Mayya, Y. D., Luna, A., Ojha, D. K., "Massive Young Stellar Object W42-MME: the Discovery of an Infrared Jet Using VLT/NACO Near-infrared Images", ApJ 803, 100-, 4/2015.


Martínez-García, E. E., Puerari, I., Rosales-Ortega, F. F., González-Lópezlira, R. A., Fuentes-Carrera, I., Luna, A., "The Behavior of the Pitch Angle of Spiral Arms Depending on Optical Wavelength", ApJ 793, L19-, 9/2014.

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