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Dr. Anna Lia Longinotti


Office: 1312




  • PhD, "Relativistic signatures of black holes in the X-ray emission of Active Galactic Nuclei", Imperial College London, UK, 2006.

  • MSc, "Relativistic emission lines in the X-ray spectrum of the Seyfert 1 IRAS13349+2438 observed by XMM-Newton”, Bologna University, Italy, 2002

research interests

  • X-ray spectroscopy

  • Active Galactic Nuclei

  • Accretion and ejection processes in AGN


Recent Publications


Guainazzi, M., Risaliti, G., Awaki, H., Arevalo, P., Bauer, F. E., Bianchi, S., Boggs, S. E., Brandt, W. N., Brightman, M., Christensen, F. E., Craig, W. W., Forster, K., Hailey, C. J., Harrison, F., Koss, M., Longinotti, A., Markwardt, C., Marinucci, A., Matt, G., Reynolds, C. S., Ricci, C., Stern, D., Svoboda, J., Walton, D., Zhang, W., "The nature of the torus in the heavily obscured AGN Markarian 3: an X-ray study", MNRAS 460, 1954-1969, 8/2016.


Sanfrutos, M., Miniutti, G., Krongold, Y., Agís-González, B., Longinotti, A. L., "The ionized X-ray outflowing torus in ESO 323-G77: low-ionization clumps confined by homogeneous warm absorbers", MNRAS 457, 510-524, 3/2016.


Longinotti, A. L., Krongold, Y., Guainazzi, M., Giroletti, M., Panessa, F., Costantini, E., Santos-Lleo, M., Rodriguez-Pascual, P., "X-Ray High-resolution Spectroscopy Reveals Feedback in a Seyfert Galaxy from an Ultra-fast Wind with Complex Ionization and Velocity Structure", ApJ 813, L39-, 11/2015.



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