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Dr. Daniel Ferrusca

Office: 1304/8102




  • PhD., Astronomical Instrumentation for millimeter wavelengths INAOE, Mexico, 2006.

  • MSc., Astronomical Instrumentation for millimeter wavelengths, INAOE Mexico, 2000.

  • BSc, Electronics Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Mexico, 1996.


research interests

  • Millimeter wavelength instrumentation

  • Cryogenic systems operating at 300 mK to 4 K

  • Fourier transform spectroscopy

  • Data acquisition systems for detectors

  • Bolometers, TES, KIDs

  • Optical coupling


recent publications


K. C. Harrington, Min S. Yun, R. Cybulski, G. W. Wilson,I. Aretxaga, M. Chavez, V. De la Luz, N. Erickson, D. Ferrusca, A. D. Gallup, D. H. Hughes, A. Monta˜na, G. Narayanan,1 D. S´anchez-Arg¨uelles, F. P. Schloerb, K. Souccar, E. Terlevich, R. Terlevich, M. Zeballos and J. A. Zavala., Erratum: ‘Early science with the Large Millimeter Telescope: observations of extremely luminous high-z sources identified by Planck’, MNRAS 471, 4060 (2017)


Lowenthal, J. D.; Harrington, K.; Berman, D.; Yun, M.; Cybulski, R.; Wilson, G. W.; Aretxaga, I.; Chavez, M.; de La Luz, V.; Erickson, N.; Ferrusca, D.; Gallup, A.; Hughes, D.; Montaña, A.; Narayanan, G.; Sánchez-Argüelles, D.; Schloerb, F. P.; Souccar, K.; Terlevich, E.; Terlevich, R.; Zeballos, M.; Zavala, J. A. "Gravitationally Lensed CO and Dust at High Redshift: New LMT/GTM Images and Spectra of Sub-Millimeter Galaxies.", Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Outskirts, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 321, pp. 363-363. Publication Date:     03/2017


Harrington, K. C., Yun, M. S., Cybulski, R., Wilson, G. W., Aretxaga, I., Chávez, M., De la Luz, V., Erickson, N., Ferrusca, D., Gallup, A. D., Hughes, D. H., Montaña, A., Narayanan, G., Sánchez-Argüelles, D., Schloerb, F. P., Souccar, K., Terlevich, E., Terlevich, R., Zeballos, M., Zavala, J. A., "Early science with the Large Millimeter Telescope: observations of extremely luminous high-z sources identified by Planck", MNRAS 458, 4383-4399, 6/2016.


Bender, N., Kennedy, J., Ade, P. A. R., Basu, K., Bertoldi, F., Burkutean, S., Clarke, J., Dahlin, D., Dobbs, M., Ferrusca, D., Flanigan, D., Halverson, N. W., Holzapfel, W. L., Horellou, C., Johnson, B. R. , Kermish, Z. D., Klein, M., Kneissl, R., Lanting, T., T. Lee, A., Mehl, Menten, J., D. Muders, A. Nagarajan, F. Pacaud, C. L. Reichardt, P. L. Richards, R. Schaaf, D. Schwan, M. W. Sommer, Spieler, H., Tucker, C. Westbrook, B. “Galaxy Cluster Scaling Relations Measured with APEX-SZ”, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2016, vol. 460, issue 4, pp. 3432-3446.


Ibarra-Medel, E. , Velázquez, M., Ventura, S., Ferrusca, D., Gómez-Rivera, V., “4 Kelvin Cryogenic Characterization of Commercial pHEMT Transistors at 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz Range”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Volume 184, Issue 1-2, pp. 418-423, 01/2016.


Velázquez, M., Ferrusca, D., Castillo-Dominguez, E., Ibarra-Medel, E., Ventura, S., Gómez-Rivera, V., Hughes, D., Aretxaga, I., Grant, W., Doyle, S., Mauskopf, P., “Design of a 2-mm Wavelength KIDs Prototype Camera for the Large Millimeter Telescope”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Online First. 02/2016.


Scott, K. S., Yun, M. S., Wilson, G. W., Austermann, J. E., Aguilar, E., Aretxaga, I., Ezawa, H., Ferrusca, D., Hatsukade, B., Hughes, D. H., Iono, D., Giavalisco, M., Kawabe, R., Kohno, K., Mauskopf, P. D., Oshima, T., Perera, T. A., Rand, J., Tamura, Y., Tosaki, T., Velazquez, M., Williams, C. C., Zeballos, M., "Deep 1.1mm-wavelength imaging of the GOODS-S field by AzTEC/ASTE - I. Source catalogue and number counts", MNRAS 405, 2260-2278, 7/2010.


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