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Atmospheric Extinction Curve Monitor (MEADE)

16 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, model LX-2000, and MEADE brand mounted on a fixed equatorial mounting, given on loan by the María Mining Company. It is meant for monitoring atmospheric extinction and sky brightness and also analyzes the intrinsic particularities to LX-200 (about 64,000 stars referenced in memory). It is equipped with a CCD STS-6 camera which is sensitive to ultraviolet and UBVRI filters. Continuous observations of standard stars are being carried out in order to obtain a precise estimation of the site’s extinction curve..


The building that holds the telescope can be seen in the picture, it was taken at night with the lights of Cananea city in the background. The telescope also measures sky brightness, and can potentially quantify the effects of light pollution on the Mariquita site, this pollution is caused by the lights of Cananea city.

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