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 Guillermo Haro


Since 1948, Guillermo Haro was headmaster of the National Observatory in Tacubaya which was part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) he was also named head of the OANTON and he unified these two institutions over the course of 20 years in which he was in charge. They created important projects during this time, such as: the Tonantzintla one meter telescope on the UNAM campus, the San Pedro Mártir Observatory and the changing of the Schmidt Camera’s mount.

In 1968, Guillermo Haro left his position at the Astronomy Institute of the UNAM, and dedicated himself full time to running the OANTON, all his efforts were focused on revitalizing it. He knew how important Optics and Electronics were for Astronomy so he worked for the transformation of the National Astrophysics Observatory of Tonantzintla into a National Institute for research in the fields of: Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics.

The project was presented by President Luis Echeverría who had agreed to reorganize the Observatory. On November 12th , 1971, the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics ( INAOE) was created by presidential decree.

Haro is once again named Institute headmaster. He immediately puts together a team of scientists that included: optics Daniel Malacara and Alejandro Cornejo along with technicians from the Astronomy Institute of the UNAM. He asked that they move to Tonantzintla to make up the Optics group of the INAOE. Eduardo de la Rosa was asked to take part in the Electronics aspect while Astrophysics was conformed by Haro and other members of the OANTON: Braulio Iriarte, Enrique Chavira and Graciela González.

Just like in 1942 when Erro and his collaborators wanted to have the best astronomical instrument, in 1973, Haro and his new group started a project that would allow Mexican Astronomy to maintain worldwide competitiveness. An important project came into development in the Optics Workshop of the Institute; it consisted of designing and manufacturing a primary mirror with a 2.12 meter diameter for the telescope -in the Cananea, Sonora Observatory-. (Guillermo Haro Astrophysics Observatory –OAGH).

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