The aim of the “Guillermo Haro Advanced Astrophysics Program” at the Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE)  has been, since its creation in 1996,  to promote the academic excellence among  researchers by intensively interacting (during extended workshops) with visiting colleagues from outside  the Institute from other national and international institutes.

In concordance with this aim, the “Guillermo Haro Professorship” of the Advanced Program, was created in 2013, commemorating the centenary of Guillermo Haro’s birth. The objective is to attract to INAOE, for a finite extension of time, prestigious researches in Astrophysics and Instrumentation. The visiting Professor gets involved with our research teams, and also collaborates with imparting advanced courses and interacting with postgraduate students. It is hoped that the visit will also improve the links with other institutes, through the first hand experience acquired by the Professor on the culture of Mexico and specifically of Puebla.

Once the call is announced, any member of the Astrophysics department is encouraged to present candidates (including a biographical sketch) to the Scientific Committee of the Advanced Astrophysics Program. A selection of candidates is then performed and an invitation will be sent, within two months, to the chosen candidate.

The Professorship offers the same facilities (office, library, computers, breakfast and lunch) as for the researches at INAOE, with a monthly stipend of approximately 30,000 pesos before taxes, for a period of between two and six months. Travel to Puebla will be covered as well, up to 50000 pesos. The Professor is assigned a bungalow in campus.

The award of a Professorship represents an expressed invitation from the Institute to conduct Astrophysics research at INAOE.




The candidates should be at the level of Research Professor or equivalent, active or emeritus, of recognised international prestige and associated to a University or Research centre (national or foreign).



Applications should be addressed to the President of the Scientific Committee of the Programme of Advanced Astrophysics Guillermo Haro, including:

  1. Free format Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Summary (maximum 4 pages) of the programme to accomplish during the visit to INAOE.
  3. Acceptance letter from the INAOE Astrophysics Department.
  4. Support letter from the visitor’s home institution.


Applications should be sent by e-mail to:


--Award of the Professorship

The Scientific Committee will analyse the proposals and prioritise the candidates. A letter of invitation will be sent to the first choice, and, if accepted, the Professorship will start at the earliest convenience of the awardee.

If for some reason the offer is not accepted, the Committee will proceed down the list inviting other candidates.


—The Professors will be able to:

a)  Obtain the support and collaboration from INAOE for the normal development of their research.

b) Perform the professorship activities independently and autonomously.

c)  Receive the appointed salary.

d)  Health insurance for the Professor (and family if applies).

e)  Free use of a bungalow in campus.

f)  Access to the canteen as a local member of INAOE.


— The Professors will be asked to:

a)  Adscribe to INAOE for the duration of the Professorship, as the local members of staff.

b)  Write a final report (maximum four pages) on the conclusion of their visit including achievements, publications, new collaborations started or old ones consolidated, suggestions for the optimization of the programme.

c)  Indicate affiliation to “Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica”  and  "Cátedra de Excelencia Guillermo Haro" in publications that result from their visit.

d)  Participate actively in the academic life of the department by giving seminars, conferences, interviews, student supervisions, advanced courses, etc.


—Institutional duties:

INAOE will have the following obligations:

a) Provide the Professor with all the logistic and administrative support for the achievement  of the Professorship activities and goals.

b) Look after the adequate conditions for the Professor’s activities.


-- Stipend

The total amount of payment depends on the number of months the Professor has agreed to extend the visit for, but it is approximately 30000 pesos per month (before taxes), plus the travel expenses, up to 50000 pesos.


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