Past Guillermo Haro Events


2019 Guillermo Haro Workshop: The Formation and Evolution of Super Star Clusters:Theory and Observations


2018 Guillermo Haro 2018 Workshop: Synergy between the GTC and GTM/LMT


2017 Guillermo Haro School: "Advanced School on modelling the ionized universe


2016 Guillermo Haro School on Molecular Astrophysics


2015 Guillermo Haro Wokshop:  "Forming and Fueling Supermassive Black Hole Seeds"


2014 Guillermo Haro School: Advanced School on Integral Field Spectroscopy Techniques and Analysis.


2014 Guillermo Haro Worksop: Observations and Modeling of Circumstellar Disks A Workshop in Memory of Paola D Alessio.


2013 Guillermo Haro Workshop: Galaxy structure and evolution through Integral Field Spectroscopy: the next generation surveys


2013 Guillermo Haro Conference: Massive Young Star Clusters Near and Far: From the Milky Way to Re-ionization


2011 Surveying the gamma-ray sky


2010 Compact superstar clusters, birth, evolution and feedback


2008 Science with SASIR: Sypnoptic All Sky Infrared Survey


2007 The Large Millimeter Telescope: first-light science and future surveys


2006 International School on Galactic and Cosmological N-Body Simulations


2006 GH Workshop: Science with the future large Optical/IR facilities in Mexico


2005 Advanced School: Pan-Chromatic View on Clusters of Galaxies and Large-Scale Structure


2003 GH Conference: Multiwavelength AGN Surveys


2003 GH Workshop: AGN Surveys


2002 GH Workshop: Millimetre Cosmology: From Primordial Fluctuations to Galaxies


2001 GH Conference: Disks of Galaxies: Kinematics, Dynamics and Perturbations


2001 GH Workshop: Disks of Galaxies: Kinematics, Dynamics and Perturbations


2000 GH Advanced Lectures on the Starburst-AGN Connection


2000 GH Workshop on the Starburst-AGN Connection


1999 GH Conference: Cosmic Evolution and Galaxy Formation


1999 GH Workshop: Large-scale Structure & Clusters of Galaxies The Energy Input from Stars: Supernovae and Chemodynamical Evolution


1998 GH Workshop: The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies


1998 GH Conference: Interstellar Turbulence


1997 GH Workshop: The Physics of Star-Gas Interactions


1996 GH Conference : Starburst Activity in Galaxies


1996 GH Workshop: Starburst Galaxies

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