2.12 Meter Telescope

The INAOE has a modern reflector telescope with a Ritchey-Chrétien optical system, derived from the Cassegrain, built by two mirrors, the primary one with a 2.12 meter diameter and the second is a 50 cm hyperbolic mirror.



The OAGH´s 2.12 m. telescope

The fork mount used in the telescope allows the movement in two perpendicular directions. It has a small structure and a compact design for its focal distance, which is of about 25 meters.

This instrumentation allows them to be at the forefront of global astronomical research. On the other hand, the electronic detectors they use, called Charged-Coupled Devices (CCD), optimize observation times due to their high quantum efficiency (of approximately 80%).

The following instruments can be found at the OAGH, they can be used by the national and international astronomical community:

Direct Camara

LFOSC Spectrophotometer

Boller & Chivens Spectrograph

Cananea Near Infrared Camera (CANICA)

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