National Astrophysics Observatory of Tonantzintla (OANTON)

The National Astrophysics Observatory of Tonantzintla was inaugurated on February 17th 1942 by its founder and first headmaster, Professor Luis Enrique Erro Soler.


OANTON Inauguration


The year is 1942. On a hill that gives away Mexico’s pre-Columbian history, elevated buildings can be seen, scattered, recently built houses shine brightly, their yellow tint glowing under the winter sun. The leaders of the town of Tonantzintla, state and city officials, a group of intellectuals, teachers, Mexican scientists, secretaries of state, delegates, senators and an assembly of north American astronomers are all congregated on the steps of the main building that stands before two volcanoes. Europeans were isolated due to World War II. In this manner, the National Astrophysics Observatory of Tonantzintla is inaugurated, on February 17th 1942, this event would pave the way and mark the beginning of an era that we continue today.


Paris Pismis in "The Dawning of Astrophysics in Mexico."


President Manuel Avila Camacho supported the creation of this modern observatory; he decided that it should be built in his home state of Puebla. Tonantzintla was also the ideal location because of its geographical position and special characteristics for a first-rate Astronomic Instrument. This was the first and most important observatory located in latitude that could detect southern sky regions.


Luis Enrique Erro



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